Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starktoons Podcast 23: Starktoons Promo

The fine ladies and gents over at Channel Frederator asked me if I wanted to do a 10 second promo. I said "Would I?!!" and made the shit out of one. (With the help Kathleen & Gang. Thanks Again!!)

copyright 2009

Episode 23

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Starktoons Podcast 22: Turducken Series Promo

3 birds, 1 hero....Turducken the series!

This is a promo I'm sending out all over the place with the Turducken series pitch!! WoooO!

copyright 2009

Episode 22

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Starktoons Podcast 21: For the Love of SMod 2!

I love SModcast so much... I made another cartoon about it.

I did a limited animation of a excerpt from SModcast Episode 83: Aquatic Justice.


Episode 21

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Starktoons Podcast 20: Slumdog Fredbot

For Channel frederator's birthday some folks there asked us animator types if we wanted to do a 4 second animation of what Fredbot would do on his birthday.

The only thing that came to mind....

Fredbot would be trying to talk his physiotherapist into an H.J.

After all that's what birthday's are all about. Am I wrong?


Episode 20

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Starktoons Podcast 19: Bear-Horse!

Who's half human and half horse? Bear-Horse! Bear-Horse!
All the power of a horse, with a bear at it's source? Bear-Horse! Bear-Horse!

copyright 2009

Episode 19

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Starktoons Podcast 18: For the Love of SMod!

I love SModcast so much, I made a cartoon about it. This excerpt is from episode 76: The Great One.

Check out SModcast @ www.smodcast.com


Episode 18

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Starktoons Podcast 17: The Adventures of Attractive Man Series Trailer

Take all that beauty in. The man's dream is to become a model, so he constantly strips to his thong to show potential clients that he is the man for the job. A wacky 7 episode series.

Copyright 2008-09

Episode 17

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Starktoons Podcast 16: Goat Away

It has been a while Starktoons Podcast. How's about a little Goat Away? 1 in 5 people have "goatitus". It's a serious problem.

Copyright 2009

Episode 16

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